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Want to Lose Weight breakfast is not a good for you

 Want to Lose Weight  breakfast is not a good for you

written by simo life 20aug 2019
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 Want to Lose Weight  breakfast is not a good for you
Losing weight requires a good combination of healthy eating and exercise.
It is often thought that it is useful to stack as many fruits in the morning breakfast as possible, in order to get rid of excess fat.

Although fruits are undeniably healthy, they can destroy the diet if they are over-eaten or consumed incorrectly. In this context, there is a traditional drink adopted by many at breakfast, which should never be consumed in the case of a diet to lose weight.

Morning breakfast often includes classic orange juice, but studies have proven that it is a weak option for those who want to lose weight, as it is full of sugar, and if purchased from the store, its nutritional value is very low.

The nutritional value of the juice increases as it is placed at high temperatures, meaning that consumers get a high dose of calories and sugar before eating any food from breakfast.

Therefore, nutritionist Isabel Smith recommends choosing fresh juice or pasteurized fruit and vegetable juices that contain more nutrients and less sugar. Alternatively, unsweetened water or tea can be used in place of fruit juice.

Reasons why you don't miss breakfast

After all of the above, it became necessary to point out the importance of breakfast, and do not exaggerate to say that it is the most important meal among the three daily meals, due to several reasons, including:
1. Stay active all day: Breakfast provides your body with the energy it needs to complete the day with more vitality and endurance.

2 - Eating breakfast at the beginning of the day gives a sense of calm and satisfaction, which makes your whole day passes quietly and peacefully, and helps you to control your nerves and control your anger during the day.

3. Breakfast is the basis of all other meals, especially if it is full of nutrients and variety, where we recommend that it contains whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits, milk and its derivatives full of protein useful for the health of the body, toast, and other nutritious and useful foods that help you To complete your day while you are in full health, activity and energy.

4. For children in particular, breakfast is very important and is not recommended to be neglected, as the missed this meal will gradually lead to health problems harmful to the body. Therefore, parents should set an example for their children and help them get young to stick to breakfast and eat it regularly.

5 - neglecting breakfast causes you to gain weight: As we mentioned that it is a misconception prevalent among many people not to eat breakfast, which undoubtedly leads to eating more food during the day, and often choose fast food full of fat and calories, which It is eaten for lunch and dinner, which will cause weight gain as well as many health problems. Therefore, adherence to breakfast is essential for the health and activity of the body.

6 - Regulate blood insulin rates: Studies have shown that eating breakfast regularly helps to regulate the rates of insulin in the blood automatically, and thus keep the body better health. In addition, when full of healthy foods. 

breakfast helps prevent diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. So there is no compelling reason to neglect this important and necessary meal.

7 - Eating breakfast helps improve the metabolism (metabolism) in the body, while neglecting this meal leads to imbalance in the metabolism of the body, which causes a significant increase in weight.

8. In a study conducted at Memorial University of New Zealand, they found that low-fat, low-fat breakfasts in the morning led to a positive and healthy adjustment of platelet activity. .