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11 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic

11 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic

By Simo Life Septembre 27, 2019
Ancient Greek medicine relied on garlic as a cure for a wide range of diseases, and modern science has proven the effectiveness of garlic in treating most of these problems.
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11 Surprising Health Benefits of Garlic
* Garlic is a herbaceous plant belonging to the garlic family, and in our time known for its cultivation all over the world, but its native habitat in Central Asia, and is in the form of onions under the earth consisting of several lobes, and has thick striped leaves, and is characterized by pungent smell, which is of Herbs that grow vegetatively, each clove gives a new plant.

The most important nutritional values ​​provided by garlic

Every 28 grams of garlic contains 23 percent of the daily human needs of manganese, 17 percent of vitamin B6, 15 percent of vitamin C and 6 percent of selenium.

This provides 0.6 grams of fiber, and a small amount of calcium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Garlic contains 42 calories, 1.8 grams of protein, and 9 grams of carbohydrates.

Garlic benefits:

1-Eat 2.5 grams of garlic daily reduces days of catching a cold by 61 percent.

2-Garlic lowers high blood pressure.

3-Garlic reduces the level of LDL cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease and stroke.

4-Garlic contains antioxidants believed to protect against Alzheimer's and dementia.

5-Regular garlic intake is associated with longevity.

6-Garlic improves athletic performance.

7-Purifies garlic body from mineral toxins.

8-Eating two grams of garlic daily improves bone health and protects it from fragility after menopause.

9-Garlic contains elements that fight infections and resist cancer.

10-Digestion aid: Promotes relaxation of the muscles of the digestive system, and prevents the accumulation of pancreatic juices, and intestines in the stomach, which improves digestion, as well as stimulate the liver to put toxins out, and protects it from damage.

11-lose weight
Many researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory property of garlic helps regulate the formation of fat cells in the body, a major factor in obesity. Garlic is also a high diuretic in nature because of its essential oils and its low molecular weight sugars. Regular use of raw garlic or garlic supplements can assist keep your body weight healthy.

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