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How Drinking More Water To Lose Weight

How Drinking More Water To Lose Weight

By Simo Life Septembre 10, 2019

Water makes up 71% of the planet and about 60% of the human body. Water is a component of human blood and reaches 90%. Drinking water, whether from a tap or from bottles, is the best source of fluid in the body.Other drinks contain caffeine, which has diuretic properties, causing Losing more fluids, and drinking water instead of soft drinks can help Li weight loss; and that it does not contain calories.

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 Water To Lose Weight, water fasting weight loss

  • Water
  • What is the importance of drinking water through dieting?
  • How many liters of water a day for the diet required for the body?
  • Tips to drink water all the time
  • Always carry water with you
  • Eat water-rich foods
  • Flavors can be added to the water
  • Weight loss
You may have heard more than once about the importance of water in weight loss and the importance of water for the body in general and not just for weight loss. Can water really help us shed the extra weight on our bodies? How many liters of water a day for the diet needed if that is true?

If you still have some doubts about the importance of water in weight loss, we can assure you that water actually helps and plays a key role in reducing body weight and getting rid of excess weight. And through many vital processes that help the body in it.
Drinking more fluids helps to accelerate metabolic processes that contribute to the burning of more body fat. Dieting or without dieting

What is the importance of drinking water through dieting?

Drinking enough water a day can be a critical factor in your diet's success, as well as the many benefits we can get from water, not only in terms of weight loss but also the overall health benefits of water. We can live without food for too long, but without water, it won't belong.

"Drinking water during a diet or diet is essential for the health of the body," says one dietitian. "Water is the only body moisturizer without calories, so drinking water before or with a meal can help you feel full quickly and without eating too much."

Therefore, water is the right drink for those who follow the diet and avoid excess calories as water is completely free of calories, in addition to the role of water in the elimination of what is known as retention of fluids in the body and toxins, and thus improve the level of metabolic processes in the body and thus burn fat

How many liters of water a day for the diet required for the body?

Regarding how many liters of water a day a diet needs, the dietitian advises to drink 2.7 liters of water (about 11 cups) for women, while men should drink about 3.7 liters of water (about 15 cups) a day during dieting.

As for the body's need for water by weight, doctors generally recommend about 2 liters of water per 60 kg of body weight, you can divide your body weight by 30 and every 30 kg of body weight need 1 liter of water per day, and of course this A measure used in general.

it varies and affect the process a number of factors, including the suffering of a person from any health condition in addition to weather factors where the body needs more amounts of water during hot climates, or during exercise or other physical activities, where the American Council advises Exercise by drinking water before, during and after exercise Warren Sports.

We understand that we do not have to wait until we feel thirsty and need water to drink, but we must drink water regularly throughout the day even if we do not feel thirsty. There are programs that can be installed on smartphones to remind us to drink water regularly throughout the day.

Tips to drink water all the time

Now that we know how many liters of water a day for diet, the body needs to know here a set of steps that help us to drink more water during the day.

especially we often forget to drink water if we do not feel thirsty and this is one of the biggest mistakes we make against our bodies and permanently, Hence the importance of these steps to help us drink more water throughout the day

Always carry water with you

The use of a male to drink water is often not enough, so it is advisable to carry a box of water permanently. There are many cans that can save water and are easy to carry so that they can be placed in any bag we carry, and this enables us to drink water permanently even when we are outside Home, on the road or anywhere else, in addition to the need to put water with diets permanently.

so remember to drink water before or with food because this helps to reduce appetite and thus avoid eating excessive amounts of food.

Eat water-rich foods

Vegetables, especially leafy ones and fresh fruits are among the richest food rich in food, and therefore can rely on such foods during the diet or diet to help us reach our goal and get rid of excess body weight. Such foods are low in calories and maintain the body's moisture and health during dieting,
so it is necessary to follow the diet along with knowing how many liters of water a day for the diet or diet needed.

Flavors can be added to the water

Some people who drink large amounts of water add some food to the water in order to add flavor. Add mint leaves as this helps add flavor to the water and is, therefore, more acceptable.
In addition, this does not add any form of calories to the water, so it is recommended if the person so wishes.
So we know how many liters a day the diet needs in addition to the most important steps that help us to drink the necessary amounts of water throughout the day.

Weight Loss

1-The diet of water for weight loss in a week The water diet for weight loss in one week, and the duration of five days, the body's water consumption per day is about eight glasses of ice water.
on the second day, the amount of water to ten cups, and in The third day, twelve cups of water,

on the fourth day the amount of water that must drink about eight glasses, noting the start of the body to lose some kilograms.
on the last day increase the amount of water to ten glasses of water.

2-Losing weight without exercise If you lose weight without following any type of exercise, you need to adopt a certain type of food that helps the body to get rid of excess fat without sports, such as foods that burn calories, such as soups, taking care to eat fruits, No longer bananas.

eat all kinds of fresh vegetables, and stay away from all kinds of sauces and spices.