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What Calories Are

What calories are

by simo life septembre 17, 2019
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what calories are

Your guide to understanding calories

We will briefly talk here and in a simplified way to help you understand calories and what they mean scientifically, and how they can be controlled and directed:

Increasing our awareness of food groups and their substitutes, and knowing the number of calories contained in food is very important to us in helping to offset the amount of thermal energy entering the body compared to the energy consumed, which is the key to success in maintaining a healthy weight.

What do we mean by calories?

Calories are the unit of dietary energy, which refers to the energy that people get from food and drink consumed, used in physical activity,] and the basic functions of the body, such as: breathing, thinking, walking, talking, eating, as it is known as the amount of energy That is necessary to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water the amount of one degree Celsius, and when eating a larger amount of the necessary amount of them are stored in the form of fat in the body.

The rates of what an adult needs daily calories are as follows:

For a man is almost 2500 calories
While the female needs approximately 2000
This, ****** this of course, may change depending on several factors such as age, weight, height and health history in addition to daily physical activity and many other factors.
* Usually we measure the amount of energy contained in a food of a particular type using the unit of

calories and kilograms.

If you aspire to lose weight, this means you need to reduce your calories to what is appropriate with increasing daily physical effort to spend energy gained as a result of these calories.

Calories in different foods

Knowing the amount of calories in food intake per day is very important in order to maintain a healthy weight and make sure that we do not start more than the crisis.

It is possible to determine the amount of calories in food packaged and processed through the food label, which shows the amount of energy under the name of calories, and using the unit of calorie or calories "Cal" for each amount of kilograms, which is also determined on the label.

As for the calories contained in the different food items, this is specified in the food lists and alternatives according to the rations of different groups, for example: a grain of medium-sized fruits such as a small apple, which is equal to one food ration of fruit rations provide us about 60 calories, A portion of carbohydrates such as bread, which is 30 grams, provides us with about 80 calories and so on.

* To learn more about food rations and quantities to you the following guide in determining the amount of food rations: Guide to determine the amount of food and food rations.

Calories burned

* The amount of calories consumed by a person's physical activity varies depending on a range of factors, including size, age, intensity and type of activity, the more you perform the activity with greater effort and effort, the more calories you burn.

*For example, brisk walking consumes more calories than walking at a moderate pace. We must not forget to mention that the human body consumes more calories to carry out the necessary metabolic processes, and its various vital functions of breathing, digestion and brain functions and others

*It is worth mentioning that the body needs more energy in the cold environment; to maintain the stability of body temperature, and needs less in the warm environment.