Thursday, October 31, 2019

American lettuce: benefits you will not expect!

American lettuce: benefits you will not expect!

by Simo life October 31, 2019
American lettuce belongs to the category of fresh leafy vegetables that contain many health benefits, which also works to protect the body from chronic and serious health diseases.

Lettuce - Vegetable

The most important characteristic of American lettuce is that it is polymorphic, easy to prepare and does not require much time for cleaning and cutting compared to ordinary lettuce. However, American lettuce has less fiber than ordinary lettuce. However, American lettuce has many wonderful benefits for human health. To learn about these benefits you can follow this article.

Benefits of American Lettuce Colon

Lettuce is a friend of the digestive system, especially the colon because it is a rich source of cellulose, which plays a major role in improving digestion and the transfer of food within the intestines. American lettuce is one of the natural remedies effective in the treatment of all problems faced by the colon.

most notably the disorders of the intestines and the resulting pain. This is in addition to its supernatural role in the treatment of chronic constipation and severe indigestion and cases of vomiting and nausea. So, you can make lettuce juice by putting American lettuce leaves with lemon and mint leaves and drinking them regularly.

The benefits of American lettuce for the heart

American lettuce is effective in reducing the levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood and thus plays a role in maintaining the health and safety of the heart from any such problem because it prevents the oxidation of cholesterol, and reduces the presence of plaque that causes fatal heart attacks.

 American lettuce is very useful to avoid sudden strokes and strokes. This is because it contains a high proportion of minerals and important nutrients needed by the body, which reduces the risk of developing these serious heart diseases. Therefore, you should eat American lettuce salad daily for dinner.

The benefits of American lettuce for the brain

One of the most important health benefits of American lettuce leaves is that it preserves the nervous system. It is beneficial for the brain, stimulates and strengthens memory, and completely reduces Alzheimer's disease in the long run. This is because of its active role in regenerating neurons and protecting them from damage or destruction.

Therefore, lettuce acts as a natural remedy for many neurological diseases. In addition, it addresses the problem of insomnia and disturbing sleep disorders such as anxiety, tension, headaches and thinking throughout the night, because it has some natural properties that help the muscles to relax and calm the nerves. Therefore, you should simply eat American lettuce leaves before bed for a few hours.

The benefits of American lettuce for pregnancy

All gynecologists have praised that American lettuce has many health benefits for pregnant women. This is because it carries with the leaves a very large number of materials and food compounds needed by a pregnant woman, which helps her fetus to grow and develop normally, and protect it from exposure to serious health diseases during pregnancy.

Lettuce contains a high percentage of folic acid, which is known for its superior ability to protect the child from exposure to birth defects. Lettuce benefits pregnant women by giving them the ability to resist unpleasant and unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, as well as its role in protecting pregnant women from being exposed to recurrent miscarriages.

Lettuce also benefits a pregnant woman by promoting healthy bones and strengthening her joints during pregnancy, because it is rich in vitamins and the right calcium component for this task.

The benefits of American lettuce for fertility

One of the best leafy vegetables that are most useful for infertility and infertility problems is American lettuce leaves. Lettuce plays a very big role in improving fertility in women, and in turn in addressing many health problems that cause delayed pregnancy, or infertility, because American lettuce helps stimulate hormones responsible for reproduction and stimulate fertility.

Lettuce is also the natural and abbreviated way to move towards marital happiness because it helps to strengthen the desire and sexual excitement of the couple. It addresses all sexual problems experienced by men, most notably erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation because lettuce raises the levels of testosterone in the blood in men.