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Detox benefits and method

Detox benefits and method

by Simo life October 25, 2019
Detox Benefits and Method Exclusively on the diet magazine offers us the trainer and French nutrition expert on how and why we get rid of toxins or what we call detox.

Detox Benefits and Method
What is a detox system?

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Detox is one of the most effective and safe ways to purify the body from the deposits of toxins and gases and is considered the only natural solution to get rid of all this.

The expert warns us that the most we eat in recent years are a factory or manufacturing imprint in it and what makes our food abnormal of colors and cans of preservatives and preservatives and pesticides and a lot of chemicals that whatever their source and method, but they harm the human body.

Most of what we find in canned food and factory numbers and in front of the letters e123…  And what the consumer does not know that the most withdrawn and prevented from manufacturing because it causes cancer. For this reason and more always recommend diet detox every month or before starting any diet

What is Detox

It is the removal of toxins from the body in a deep and effective way.

In the human body we find that the liver, skin, intestines, lungs and Klein are the most important organs that help to produce and release poisonings, because the way we live and eat in a lot of contamination, stress is the share of these organs and reflected on our health Nsab obesity and insomnia and Skin discoloration and many things we do not find in the villages and rural areas, which depend on the nature of the mother to live.

How do we detox properly

If the first time, you do Baldetox starts initially be 3 days in which we choose 3 types of fruit or fresh vegetables and eat one type every day.

And we do this every month and beginning of the third month we make one type for 3 days and continue until the number of days of detox 45 days.

Then we can do full and varied diets 3 days every month and for life

Detox is a regeneration of life by better deflation of the body and its organs.

The best detox food

An apple
green pepper

Detox results

Pure skin
Better sleep
Increase the hormone of happiness
More activity.

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