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Does Jenny Craig's diet suit you?

Does Jenny Craig's diet suit you?

by Simo life October 17, 2019
The Jenny Craig diet was introduced in the United States in 1983 and was developed by an Australian woman.

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Jenny Craig reviews
This diet is based on three elements: nutrition, sports, and happiness.

Principles of diet

The Jenny Craig diet is a slim diet that combines nutrition, sports, and happiness. The dishes are prepared by the dietitian after a careful analysis of the subscriber's dietary habits by the "your style" program.

After an in-depth study of the personality of the participant, the dishes and exercise are prepared according to the wishes and way of life of the participant who receives three meals a day in addition to a snack.

Primary slimming stage

Like other diets, the Jenny Craig diet begins with an initial slimming phase. During this phase, three meals and a snack are sent daily to the subscriber's home (the participant is left with the option of selecting and purchasing vegetables, fruits, and dairy products).

 At the beginning of this stage, the participant will receive a booklet containing some specially prepared exercises, which he should practice both at home and at office hours.

Throughout the diet, the participant is subject to follow-up by a psychotherapist.

Weight stabilization stage

This stage of the diet stabilizes the weight during which the participant receives a booklet containing some basic recipes easy to prepare at home. During this stage, the participant learns how to prepare healthy dishes in quantities that take into account the composition of each individual.


the breakfast:
A dish of oats with strawberries
A cup of skim milk

Fresh fruit at any time
vegetable salad

the lunch:

Turkey Salad

Two peaches

the Dinner:
Chicken fettuccine with soup
Half a cup of cauliflower

Fresh fruit at any time.

Advantages and disadvantages of Jenny Craig's diet


Dishes are diverse, eat all foods even chocolate but in moderate amounts.


The long-term results of Jenny Craig's diet have not yet been shown, but it is known that the scourge of free diet is to gain weight again a few months after the diet stops.