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Dukan diet in boring detail for rapid slimming

Dukan diet in boring detail for rapid slimming

By Simo life October 25, 2019
Dukan diet in detail:
If your only concern is to lose weight, you are definitely choosing the diet Ducan has hit the road, this diet will lose you up to 10 kg during the first week, and continuing it can result in a loss of 2 to 4 kg per week until you reach the weight you aspire to it Do not hesitate to implement it immediately after reading this article. So what is the basis of the Dukan diet theory? How does it work, what are its stages, and what are its results?

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Dukan Diet: Weight Loss Diet Plan

1-What Is the Dukan Diet?

Dukan's stoning theory considers that calorie counting is not the key to weight loss, but inevitably it is protein. Dukan diet has a clumsy power to make you lose weight, which is due to the fullness of the stomach while eating it, and therefore takes a long time to complete It also contains very few calories per gram of protein-based food compared to carbohydrate-rich foods.

Dukan, contrary to what many believe, is not only focused on eating foods rich in proteins but also reducing carbohydrates, Preferred power source When the body is lost, the body is forced to convert the stored fat into an alternative “fuel”.

World Rankings for Dietim Dokan:

The diet of Dukan ranked 37th in the world in the best diets in general, where 38 diet was evaluated by a team of specialized health experts. See how we categorize diets here.

Diet can Dukan ranked:

  • Ranked 37th in the best diets overall
  • Ranked 33 in the best diet for weight loss
  • Ranked 16th as the best commercial diet plans in the world
  • Ranked 36th best diet to prevent diabetes
  • Ranked 34th best diet for healthy eating
  • Ranked 24th as the best fast food in weight loss
  • Ranked 37th best heart-healthy diet
  • Rank 36 as the easiest diet to follow

2) How does Dukan Diet work?

This diet works by following a lot of rules. It involves four stages of the diet - named after former French physician Pierre Dukan, the first author of this diet plan - to make it contain all the food you eat on proteins and then allow you to enter Gradually selected vegetables on specific days to your diet.

 In the third stage of this diet, you will be able to add more foods that you like and you are eager to eat in excessive stages such as cheese and bread. At the last stage, you will be able to “permanent stability”, you are at this stage relatively free. With a few rules (very crucial and very specific ie not to be underestimated) and then allows you to eat anything you want (of course without overstatement)

Stages of the Dukan Diet:

Starting Stage: Pure Protein Phase This particular phase of the Dukan diet can be considered tougher than others to determine and restrict what you should eat and what is strictly forbidden. 

This is a list of foods that you are allowed to eat: lean beef, meat Lamb, rabbit, and venison also allow you to eat chicken meat including liver and tongue, fish of all kinds, oysters and seafood, turkey, eggs, vegetable protein such as tofu and certain, unprocessed dairy products, water, and other beverages Non-caloric dense and occasionally 1/2 tablespoons m Bran Alshovan.ahdja diet Dukan eating spices and herbs sometimes to avoid monotony.

This is just what you can eat during the first phase of the Dukan diet. It is in fact very negative. “Eating other foods that are not prescribed, they work as fast as an interval during which a balloon is punctured by a needle,” says Dokan.

The starting phase lasts from one to 10 days, depending on how much weight you want to lose. For the majority of women - who want to reduce from 20 to 40 kilograms most often - the starting stage is usually five days and weight loss is usually 4 to 7 kilograms, according to Dukan.

Stage 2: Addition Stage In this stage, you should add some of the vegetables you can eat (such as cucumbers, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers, and green salads). However, Dukan recommends alternating between several days of “pure protein” ie foods prescribed in the first stage with one day you add vegetables to your table; or secondly:

you take protein for five days and then five days protein plus vegetables for your diet plan and It is also an option for you, but the recommendation of adding oat bran to your dishes goes up a bit during this plan to reach 2 tablespoons.

You should lose weight at a rate of about 2 to 4 kg per week, according to Dokan. You will continue to alternate with protein and vegetables until you reach your goal.

Stage 3: Transition Now, the rule of the game is to preserve the kilos they have gained, and Dokan says the only option is a five-day transition for every kilogram you have lost in the past. This means that dieters who have lost weight from 20 to 40 kilograms will remain in transition from 100 to 200 days.

 Proteins and vegetables that you get used to during the earlier stages are still all you can eat, but you can now mix them together as you wish. You can also eat the fruit you want every day, two slices of whole-grain bread and ½ slices of cheese each week.

It also allows you to have two servings of starchy foods such as pasta or quinoa, three types of protein such as fish, chicken meat or grilled scallops and two “ Celebration Meals ”where you can eat anything you want, and do not forget our important advice daily 2 tablespoons of oat bran flour always accompany you at all stages.

If you think you still need to go back to the “pure protein” stage, apply the starting phase once a week.

The fourth stage: the stage of permanent stability Freedom! No, this is not exactly what we mean! But you can eat what you want six days a week, provided you do not give up what you learned during the past stages. And 3 tablespoons of oat bran are now a must. Day 7 is a pure protein day that reflects the beginning stage but is more open in the list of acceptable foods. As the name suggests, this phase aims to last a lifetime.

3)The results of the Dukan diet?

Animal protein, vegetables, and dairy products are the basic substances on which this diet is based, especially if you are eating a lot of them.

Will the Dukan diet lose weight?

It is difficult to determine the outcome before you try it yourself to see how it responds to your body. In fact, no clinical trials have been conducted on the Dukan diet. An online survey of 1,525 people in 2010 showed that women who tried it lost an average of 7/10 kg after the first and second phases.

How easy to follow this diet?

How much do you like the rules? If you think that what we have mentioned is exactly what you should do - regardless of the difficulty of the application - you have to appreciate the many guidelines of the Dukan diet. While the restrictive stages are short, they are very restrictive, so you have enough willpower That you will need to make this diet effective.
  • Comfort during following this dieting: many things and simple. You are allowed to eat out, provided you reduce the canned food and prepare to take supplements.
  • For protein-based recipes: you find them in books, on some pages on the Internet and social networking sites.
  • Takeout: No problem, as long as you stick to the list of approved foods. If you're in the beginning, try ordering a steak alongside the shrimp. During a cruise, throw some steamed vegetables. Just make sure the chef doesn't add any oil - or worse - butter. If you tend to eat sweets, Dukan advises you to have coffee or tea (of course without exaggeration)
  • Extras: You can find a sports program and training by following a video on the Internet in parallel with the diet to lose weight most effectively.
  • Fullness: Nutrition experts emphasize the importance of satiety, and a sense of satisfaction when following this diet. You won't be hungry with the Dukan diet. Protein can give you the feeling of fullness, and you don't have to limit calories.
  • Taste: In the absence of many traditional spices and oils, you will need to make full use of the approved herbs and spices to enliven your meals.
  • Health and Nutrition: If you want to follow a healthy diet, Dukan Diet is ideal to achieve this goal, but the first stage should not exceed the period stated above, otherwise doing so can lead to high protein in the body to long health problems Term, possible side effects include drowsiness, bad 
  • breath, and constipation.

to learn more about Dukan diet show this video