Thursday, October 17, 2019

Eat chocolate without gaining weight!

Eat chocolate without gaining weight!

by Simo life October 17, 2019
Did you know that there is a certain way to eat chocolate without gaining weight? Yes, this method is effective and its steps are easy and you today through this article from the health of the most prominent information about.

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How to Eat Chocolate to Lose Weight

Type of chocolate

We find a lot of types of chocolate on the market, we have the kind to add milk and dark chocolate, which can be found with the addition of hazelnuts granules and there is chocolate stuffed with caramel and white chocolate
the calories in each of these types are different, and it is well known that dark chocolate is best for those who like to eat chocolate during a diet because it contains few calories, hence the advice for everyone who would like not to gain weight to eating dark chocolate.


The sugar content varies from one type of chocolate to another. Acquired.

Type of cocoa

Chocolate made from natural cocoa is better for weight loss because artificial cocoa contains less of the antioxidants the body needs to break down and get rid of fat. The advice is to look for chocolate fingers made from natural cocoa instead of artificial cocoa.

The amount of chocolate we eat

It is necessary to divide the portion of chocolate we eat during the day, for example, we buy a large finger of chocolate and divide it into several pieces and eat during the day so the same serving in one day instead of a finger of chocolate every two hours.