Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fast food leads to stomach cancer!

Fast food leads to stomach cancer!

by Simo life October 17, 2019
It is known that entertainment such as chocolate, biscuits, pastries such as cakes, fast food, and soft drinks, can increase the risk of many diseases. 

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What foods should be avoided with stomach cancer?

Experts say processed meat, such as sausage and bacon, is linked to bowel cancer. Statistics show that the growing incidence of colorectal cancer among young people is worrying, and highlights the investigation of possible causes and external influences.

Stomach Cancer

Fast food cause bowel cancer

Lack of physical activity and increased demand for junk food and ready-to-eat foods are the leading cause of increased bowel cancer rates, researchers at the University of Texas at Texas State University said.

They also contribute to raising the risk of colon cancer among young people in the coming years. Foods containing red meat and processed meats such as hot dogs and burgers raise the risk of bowel cancer, especially since they lack vegetarian dietary fiber, the researchers said.

Here are the effects of fast food on adolescent health

Thus, recent studies confirm that one of the main reasons that increase the chances of colon cancer, excessive intake of chocolate, biscuits, cake and soft drinks between the main meals.

The statistics indicated that 90% of people with colon cancer are over 60 years of age, and they are often obese or overweight before the disease. Besides drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, we cannot overlook the role of the genetic factor in stimulating the chances of developing the disease.

Doctors note that the main symptoms of bowel cancer, the emergence of blood with stool and abdominal pain, and the occurrence of noticeable changes in the system of excretory waste, such as defecation several times a day in small sizes.