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Learn how to drink water for weight loss

Learn how to drink water for weight loss

by Simo life October 15, 2019
Are you overweight? Have you heard about drinking water for weight loss? Have you tried many diets and hard workouts and after all are not satisfied with the results? Today we offer you a simple home remedy that helps you lose weight by drinking water. This is perhaps the simplest way to get rid of excess weight and get a decent and healthy body

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You can lose weight through water or drink how much water you should drink to lose weight. Well, we have answers to your questions and everything about drinking water to lose weight. Read on to learn more about the effectiveness of this water and how it can help you lose weight.

Drinking-Water for weight loss

Overweight is one of the most common problems experienced by many individuals around the world. Most people often try different diets or sweat in the gym. Many people may choose to walk, run, and there are many benefits to water consumption as well as weight loss that you often notice.

In fact, the human body is made up of 70% water. Therefore, drinking water is essential to maintain the health of the body. Many studies have been conducted on adults and children of all age groups that have proven the efficiency of drinking water in weight loss. Everything you need to monitor your diet and maintain your daily water needs or else you will eventually be overweight.

How does drinking water help with weight loss?

Water has many benefits, including effective weight loss. Here are the reasons why water is an effective element in weight loss.

Water is a delicious natural food ingredient:

Water is known to be a natural suppression of hunger. It even helps to avoid excessive intake of food and this ultimately helps to lose weight. However, water is a temporary solution to suppress hunger and does not stay in the stomach for a long time.

When drinking water at regular intervals eliminates the desire to eat between meals and thus drinking water helps you lose weight in this way.

Water helps promote metabolism:

Drinking water is a great way to boost your metabolism by up to 40%, which is excellent for easy weight loss. A dry body makes it difficult to get rid of existing toxins properly.

This increases the load on the liver. But water helps to moisturize the body and allows the liver to metabolize fat well to lose weight effectively and thus keep the body hydrated and work well, which will lead to rapid weight loss.

Prevent water retention fluid:

Usually, when you do not drink enough water to moisturize the body, the body retains fluids. This causes weight gain and bloating, which makes it difficult to maintain an ideal weight and the weight fluctuates constantly.

At this stage, you may need to consume diuretics such as caffeinated drinks instead of water because it makes the problem worse and dehydrates the body. To resist dehydration and lose weight easily, you can drink water and keep your weight well.

Resist hunger:

Stress and too much sitting often lead to excessive calorie intake, which means adding extra calories that are a major obstacle in the weight loss program. To get more calories, you can have a glass of water. Now the obvious question is: Does water help to lose weight?

The answer is definitely yes drinking water at regular intervals is one of the secrets to staying at the desired weight and keeping calories. It is best to drink a glass of water before meals and between meals, which makes you feel full and eliminates the need to eat more.

Water is a natural element to boost the body's energy:

Water, unlike other energy foods, does not make you artificially alert by adding caffeine to your body. It is natural to keep you alert, increase your concentration and boost your energy levels. Water is a good way to power your body during exercise and make you less likely to get tired. To maintain the exact weight loss requires energy you can get from water and lose weight in order to get the perfect shape.

Water does not contain calories:

Water is the ideal ingredient for weight loss because it does not contain any calories and is a good alternative to drinks containing sugars because a glass of water offers you the benefits of moisturizing and refreshing the body.

 Another advantage of drinking water is that it reduces the chances of indulging in sweetened drinks and avoiding excess calories. There are also many low-calorie drinks available on the market but calories make them negative.

Water helps digestion:

Water moisturizes the body and increases the chances of absorbing nutrients and minerals from foods. Even the water needed to digest and dissolve the soluble fiber in the intestine.

 Therefore, water helps to lose weight and in fact that lack of water slows down the digestion process and leads to bloating, which causes weight gain.

In addition to that water helps in weight loss it helps in maintaining the health of the heart and the normal functioning of the body and stay well hydrated as it is aesthetic elements that give a natural glow to the skin and remove acne while delaying signs of aging and moisturizing dry skin and gives healthy shine to hair.

How much water do you need to drink to lose excess weight?

With regard to the daily water needs of the body, there are no strict rules on the exact amount of water you need to consume. Water does not contain calories, so it does not have any side effects, so, you can take as much water as you can, but in general, one needs about 8 glasses of water a day to keep the body hydrated.

Some studies have determined the amount of water the body needs depends on age and body weight, as well as water needs and daily activities.

 Drinking water, age, and weight play an important role in determining the amount of water needed by the body and sometimes hot climate needs large amounts of water to make up for the lost amount and keep the body hydrated. Also, individuals who wait to exercise or work hard need to drink more water to Live a stable lifestyle.

The amount of water needed by men and women according to scientific studies:

*128 ounces (3.7 liters) of water for a man.
*88 oz (2.6 liters) for women.
When discussing studies such as the level of water consumption in men and women comes the question does water help in weight loss for men and women differently? Well, according to studies, it has been proven that men and women of all ages successfully lost weight over a period of time.

 The water helped men burn enough fat, increased metabolic rate, and increased metabolism.

How to use water to lose weight?

Daily water plan:

Don't waste a lot of time sticking to this plan when it comes to using water for weight loss, but the final results of the plan will give you a good reason for everyone to stick to this weight loss plan easily.

Follow this plan to get the answer to your question, which is the possibility of water to help you lose weight. Drinking water provides you with results within a short period of time and the plan is based on drinking water at regular intervals.
  • First, drink about half a liter of water as soon as you wake up.
  • Then take half a liter of water again within an hour after waking up and before breakfast.
  • Later in breakfast, add 1/2 liter of water to 1 cup cold water and drink it within 30 minutes before other meals are taken as an appetite suppressant.
  • You can drink 1 cup of water after each cup of tea or coffee.
  • Finally, drink 1 cup to 1/2 liter of water an hour or two before going to sleep.

Flavored Water:

Consuming large quantities of regular water can be boring for some people and for the same reason it may ignore drinking more water but there is a simple trick to overcome this problem is a simple trick and inexpensive and calorie-free tricks are quick and effective.

Here are a few flavored water recipes:

Waterproof option:

The option gives you the right answer to your question of how water helps lose weight in addition to providing the body with nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B and potassium. Once you combine these effective and inexpensive ingredients like cucumber and water, you can make this refreshing drink for the benefits of weight loss.

Things you need:

  • 1 option.
  • 1,5 liters of water.
  • 5 - 10 mint leaves.
  • 4 pieces lemon.
  • Clean and peel the cucumber and cut into thin slices.
  • Add cucumber slices, mint leaves and lemon to the water.
  • Leave these ingredients in water for at least an hour or overnight in the refrigerator to give the ingredients a flavor.
  • Enjoy this drink throughout the day and when you continue this drink for 3 weeks you can lose weight and get rid of toxins.

Apple, Cinnamon and Strawberry Water

Apples and strawberries are known to have excellent antioxidant properties and contain vitamin C, which is essential for nourishing the body. Cinnamon also speeds up the metabolism in the body and thus the effectiveness of weight loss and when you combine these powerful ingredients with water you get a delicious drink.

Ingredients :

  • 1 apple.
  • 5-6 strawberries.
  • 1 cinnamon stick.
  • 2 liters of water.
  • Chopping apples and strawberries into slices.
  • Add apples and strawberry slices in the water next to cinnamon.
  • Leave the ingredients in the water overnight in the refrigerator.
  • Then drink this water after it has a delicious taste of fruit and without any calories.
  • You can repeat this drink for three weeks.

Warm herbal tea:

Drinking hot or warm water increases the body temperature in general and helps the body in burning excess calories even hot water is known to improve digestion significantly, although, after a period you may feel bored of drinking hot water, it has many benefits, including ease Weight loss.

The easiest alternative to drinking hot water alone is to add flavors. One of the recommended warm drinks is herbal tea, like green tea or jasmine tea.

It has been proven in many previous studies that adding green tea leaves in hot water and drinking it throughout the day helps in the weight loss process.

It is known that green tea contains high amounts of antioxidants and properties such as flavonoids These properties increase the metabolism and provide the body with sufficient amounts of water and at the same time drinking water helps in weight loss.

Green tea:

  • 1 teaspoon of dried green tea.
  • 1 cup of water.
  • 1 hanging honey.
  • Leave the cup of water on the fire to boil.
  • Add the green tea leaves to the boiling water and cover the pot with the heat off.
  • Leave the tea in water for 2 - 3 minutes.
  • Add 1 teaspoon of honey to the green tea to improve the taste and drink warm tasty tea.
  • An individual can repeat this process three times a day to lose a healthy weight and gain overall benefits.

Lemon water to lose weight:

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and is a very useful and healthy ingredient in increasing the effectiveness of weight loss. Even lemon has properties to improve colon health and expel toxins from the body. Many fitness trainers recommend lemon water for weight loss.

Things you need:

1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
1 cup of warm water.
1 hanging honey.


  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of honey and lemon juice to the water.
  • Drink lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning.
  • Ensure that this process is repeated to obtain the desired results.
Studies show that 1–2 liters of water per day is sufficient to help with weight loss, particularly when consumed before meals.