Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The five most dangerous foods in the world

The five most dangerous foods in the world

by Simo life on October 23, 2019
Food is a necessity of life, but not all healthy food. There are foods that are dangerous to health, unfortunately among them particularly popular foods. It is a danger that is being ignored and it is better to abandon it. Here we learn about the five most dangerous foods in the world.

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One-third of all cancers are due to improper diet, and carbohydrate-rich foods and fried foods are particularly health risks and it is best to throw all rotting food into the waste bin.

Cancer diseases are the leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 8.2 million people die every year from cancer. Experts predict that about 35 percent of all cancers in Germany are due to malnutrition.

There are five foods of particular danger:

1 - "Hot Dog":

 The famous hot dog "Hot Dog" contains nitrate, which is added to gain color and preserve meat for a long time. Nitrates are not harmful in themselves but become dangerous when they form with the protein (amines), found in meat, nitrosamine. Studies have indicated that nitrosamine can cause cancer, especially gastrointestinal cancer.

2. French fries and chips: 

Through frying, acrylamide, which may cause cancer, arises from animal experiments. When high doses of acrylamide can also cause nerve damage. This substance is present in all carbohydrate-rich foods that are heated to high temperatures. Not only that, but there are also risks that frying oil has unsaturated fats, which leads to the lack of feeling of satiety and thus increases the weight of a person exposed to cancer.

3 - Donuts:

 Delicious cakes in the form of rings of dough happen to him as it happens with potatoes where it often contains acrylamide and unsaturated fats. In addition, donuts have large amounts of sugar and fat.

4. Grilled meat:

 Burned fat can make grilled meat a serious risk to health. When fat falls from the meat on the fire, benzopyrene is formed, which in turn is contaminated by smoke. This substance is the leading cause of stomach cancer. To avoid this, aluminum coils should be placed on the flames so that the smoke does not return to the meat, or choose low-fat meat.

5- Food rot:

 Regardless of the type of food on which mold is found, it is proven that food rot causes cancer. Not only that but toxins in the mold damage the nervous system and genetic material. So the best thing is to throw food with mold into the garbage basket and give up trying to cut off the moldy part just because mold bacteria leave their traces quickly in the rest of the food.