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Weight loss tips without any diet or sport!

Weight loss tips without any diet or sport!

by simo life octobre 24, 2019
After several unsuccessful attempts at losing weight, visiting dietitians and exercising,

soup vegetables

there are tips for losing weight without following a diet:

Time to eat:

While eating fast, your stomach doesn't find time to tell your brain it's full, prompting you to eat more. So set about 20 minutes to eat, and taste each bite quietly. This method will help you saturate quickly.

Enjoy extra hours of sleep:

Studies conducted by a researcher at the University of Michigan have shown that replacing laziness and snacking with sleep helps reduce calories by about 6%. Therefore, enjoying extra hours of sleep at night can help you lose about 6 kg per year. Sleeping less than 7 hours increases your appetite and makes you hungry.

Eat more fruits and vegetables:

High fiber and water will make you feel full without gaining calories. Cook vegetables without any added fat, and replace fat-rich sauces with lemon juice and herbs.

Start your meal with soup:

Start your meal with a little sodium soup, and rich in fresh vegetables. Soup makes you feel full without gaining calories, because you eat it slowly, and curb your appetite. But avoid fatty soups, which are high in fat and calories.

Eat whole grains:

eating whole grains such as brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, and whole wheat helps in weight loss. It feels full and improves cholesterol. Whole grains are available in many products such as pancakes, pizza dough, muffins, pasta, and whole wheat bread.

Keep your old clothes:

Keep your favorite old clothes that you were wearing when you were skinny in the closet in front of your eyes. This will encourage you to lose weight faster.

Make your own pizza:

make your own pizza
Replace the meat with vegetables in the filling, this way saves your body from gaining about 100 calories. Then choose low-fat cheese to decorate the face. As for the dough, make it with a little olive oil.

After several unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, visit dietitians and exercise, WebMD offers these tips for losing weight without following a diet or fatigue:

Reduce sugar intake:

Replace sugary drinks such as soda with water or sparkling water that does not contain calories. This way avoid your body from gaining about 10 tablespoons of sugar.

Use long cups to drink: 

Replace short and wide cups of long and thin cups to reduce the calories you gain from liquids. This way, you eat 25% fewer liquids, such as juice, soda, and wine.

Limit alcohol: 

If you are on an occasion, first start drinking sparkling water or other beverages before moving on. Alcohol is high in calories, and it reduces your determination to lose weight by pushing you to eat nuts, chips and other foods that you have been trying to avoid.

Drink green tea:

Some studies suggest that drinking green tea helps burn calories and thus lose weight.

Remove bacon from your meal:

Remove bacon from your meal:
Deleting bacon from your meals saves you from increasing about 100 calories on your weight

Do yoga:

Researchers believe that the calmness and self-awareness of yoga practitioners help to combat overeating.

Home-cooked food:

Studies of consumer reports have shown that people who eat home-cooked food lose more weight than those who rely on takeaway. So cooked food should be eaten at least five days a week.

Stop eating when you feel full:

When we feel full usually rest a little and then continue eating. But the advice is that you should stop eating the moment you feel full.

Chewing gum when you feel hungry: 

When you feel hungry especially at night, chew sugar-free gum with your favorite taste. Social networking, watching TV and surfing the web make you hungry.

Reduce the size of the dish:

Studies have shown that the size of the dish affects the amount of food intake. So you should reduce the size of the dish if you need to lose weight.

Divide your meal into small equal portions: 

Determining the amount of meal you want to eat day after day, helps your body in the satisfaction of small meals.

- If you are in the restaurant, here are these options:

• Share the main course with your friend
• Ask to increase the amount of salad served with the main course
• Order appetizers as a meal
• Order a children's dish.

- Choose a red sauce: Red sauce contains fewer calories and fat than Alfredo creamy sauce. So choose the red sauce when you eat the pasta, but remember to measure the amount of pasta only about one cup.

- Choose vegetarian meals: Vegetarians tend to lose weight more people who eat meat. Eating vegetarian meals and legumes can help you lose weight and gain important fiber and nutrients.

Burn 100 calories a day through these activities:

• Walk 1.6 km in 20 minutes
• Mow the lawn for 20 minutes
• Clean the house for 30 minutes
• Jog for 10 minutes