Thursday, October 17, 2019

What are the benefits of dark or raw chocolate?

What are the benefits of dark or raw chocolate?

by Simo life October 17, 2019
Chocolates are definitely a favorite of both adults and children. The information we have today is that dark chocolate has many health benefits. So what are these benefits? Follow us in today's health article to learn about the benefits of dark or raw chocolate.

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dark chocolate nutrition facts

Dark chocolate relieves stress during dieting

Chocolate is made from cocoa seeds, which is harvested from cocoa trees. This means that chocolate in its origin is a plant and can, therefore, be considered a healthy food.

- Dark or raw chocolate provides the body with many amazing health benefits. Dark or raw chocolate is free of any additives such as milk or sugar.

- Dark or raw chocolate helps to stimulate blood circulation in the body and prevent hardening and blockage of the arteries, which helps to protect the heart from many diseases, especially sudden clots.

Chocolate masks to nourish the skin

- Chocolate works to improve mood and reduce tension and stress and provide you with happiness and joy. Studies have shown that chocolate is rich in chemical compounds that stimulate the body to secrete the anti-depressant hormone endorphins, a hormone called happiness hormone.

- Dark chocolate contains fiber and minerals nutrients needed by the body and it gives you a sense of satiety for a long time. It is, therefore, an ideal snack to eat between the main meals.

- Dark chocolate contains caffeine stimulant, you can eat during the lesson or work because it helps the mind to stay active and awake.

- Dark chocolate reduces the chances of dental cavities.

What is the effect of chocolate on the mind?

- Dark chocolate contains minerals such as potassium, iron, and magnesium, so it can be eaten with a feeling of dizziness.

- Dark chocolate works as a natural sedative, as it is rich in serotonin, which plays a prominent role in calming the nerves and reduce stress and frequent thinking and improve mood.