Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What are the foods?

What are the foods?

by Simo life October 22, 2019
Food is the main fuel of life for the human body. By eating it, people feel the flow of energy in all parts of their bodies. Moreover, each food has a great benefit of its own, which helps it to complete its growth or immunize.

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it from many different kinds of diseases. Negative and positive matters of concern to all people in general, and specialists in particular, and hence has emerged many aspects that are closely related to food and foods, which we discuss the most prominent below:

Tips for Healthy Food

Food should be eaten in moderation and within the appropriate calorie limits, the body needs a day. An increase in the amount of food leads to an increase in body mass, which leads to the injury of many diseases, multiple.

Diversification in food intake, and within scientifically determined proportions, a balanced diet greatly helps in giving the body all the nutrients it needs.

Reduce the intake of fatty foods, sugars, alcoholic beverages, fast food, etc., because such foods have a significant effect on increasing human body mass.

Drinking fluids are suitable quantities, specifically water, in order to prevent dehydration, and the fluids in general, and water in particular, a significant and significant impact in improving human health.

Eating a balanced breakfast, because of its significant positive impact on human health, where eating this meal helps man to control his body mass, and provide him with energy, and the nutrients he needs to perform his duties and work during the day.

Food groups

Food is generally divided into five food groups, which combine to provide the human body with the important nutrients it needs.

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Cereals contain many foods, such as bread, pasta, corn grains, etc., where such varieties contain important nutrients needed by the human body, and perhaps the most prominent of these elements: minerals, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins, etc., and these foods are the main sources of energy To man, which he cannot do without.


Dairy products generally contain proteins, calcium, vitamins, etc. Examples of types of foods belonging to this group are milk, cheese, etc.
vegetables and fruits
This group is rich in fiber, vitamins, and many other elements.

Fats, sweets, and oils

This group includes all kinds of sweeteners, sugar, xenon, fat, etc. Therefore, specialists are usually advised to reduce the rations eaten from such foods.


Poultry, meat, beans, eggs, etc., are rich in protein and vitamins.