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What manifestations of negative food behavior

What manifestations of negative food behavior

by Simo life October 27, 2019
Healthy and healthy food is one of the most important benefits for the body and health in general and negative food is, therefore, one of the most problems facing us, but does not know much what is unhealthy and unsound food so this is what we will recognize in our next topic.

Negative nutritional behavior

Negative nutritional behavior


One of the most important problems of unhealthy and unsound food is an important manifestation of improper nutrition. The bad habits that we do in our daily life are the ones that significantly affect the incidence of obesity, and excess obesity is the result of eating fatty foods full of a lot of fat and saturated and they negatively affect the body and thus obesity. Read also: Why is healthy food important to the human body?

Chronic disease

Also, it is one of the ways of improper and unhealthy nutrition and eating nutrition, which is to eat salts and sugars which increases the bad cholesterol, we find the bad cholesterol and good and beneficial cholesterol is already in our body but harmful is what we gain by eating bad and unhealthy foods which makes them Exposed to chronic diseases such as stress and diabetes.

The occurrence of digestive problems

Gastrointestinal problems is a big problem that produces the result of harmful and improper nutrition because we find the digestive system faces a range of problems, which is its inability to balance the vitamins, minerals, minerals, and fiber that the body needs directly as a result of improper dietary behavior, which through its practice we find a negative and bad effect The long-term.

Rely on amenities and luxury

With the constant updating of new technology and devices with us, you will feel an increase in inactivity and lack of movement and also with the spread of cars and leave the movement and reliance on means of transport, so it is necessary to practice daily work such as the rise of the ladder instead of using the elevator and walking instead of riding the car.

The quality of the food

We must rely on the amount of food and quality of food by eating more than one meal per day and that these meals contain small amounts of food, provided that the food is healthy, such as salads, fruits, and vegetables, while away from fast foods that contain fat and obesity.

Healthy food conditions

The application of a healthy diet of food

 that the dish must contain a variety of food and foods in all meals by containing the dish of the meal is vegetables, fruits and grains, knowing that these nutrients and foods should contain fiber, mineral salts and vitamins necessary and necessary for the body. Exercise should be exercised on a daily and regular basis while avoiding soft drinks and eating foods that contain fats and spices, replacing soft drinks with natural liquids, natural fruit juices, and milk while reducing salt in food and sugar as well.

Stay away from bad eating habits

rely on eating only one meal with sleep immediately after meals and also follow relaxation after eating fatty meals that contain fat, not to diversify in foods with excessive intake of fat and sugars with eating foods quickly and not chewing Good with neglect of drinking water and neglecting breakfast.

Tips for maintaining a proper diet

  • The need to organize meals on fixed and fixed dates on a daily basis with the need not to eat unless you are hungry.
  • Eating in one place only away from the whereabouts of foods such as kitchens while avoiding any activities while eating, such as reading or watching television.
  • Do not eat other foods between meals and in case you feel hungry we recommend eating fruits and vegetables between meals with eating natural juices without adding sugar.
  • Do not eat if you are excited or busy watching TV, at work on the computer, or while doing something.

Foods to be minimized

  • Consumption of dietary cholesterol less than about less than 300 milligrams while reducing the intake of calories from fat and added sugars.
  • Limit daily consumption of those sodium-containing foods less than 2,300 milligrams for people over 51 years old.
  • Do not eat foods that contain refined grains, solid fats, and added sugars.

Foods that need to be increased

  • Eat different seafood, which consists of fish or shrimp, but you should not eat too much so as not to increase the levels of high cholesterol instead of eating meat and poultry.
  • Use healthy vegetable oils instead of solid fats.
  • Eat vegetables, fruits, and milk products and derivatives with foods containing vitamin D and calcium.
  • Eating too much of these foods are eggs, beans, peas, soy products, and non-salty nuts.
  • Eat a variety of vegetables, especially leafy dark green.

In the end, we have provided you with everything related to healthy and healthy foods to protect the body positively with the wrong health methods daily, so please hope that you have benefited from this topic.