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Benefits of beet juice

Benefits of beet juice 

by Simo life November 05, 2019
Beets have long been a nutrient known for their many health benefits to humans, which include almost the entire body.

Despite its great benefits, beet juice remains a low-consumption food. This is either because we are ignorant of his health virtues or do not know how to prohibit him.

Beet or beetroot is a red plant belonging to the family of root vegetables such as radish.

Benefits of beet juice
It is highly nutritious because it contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
Although it is beneficial in all its forms, it loses a large part of its nutritional value when cooking, so it is best to eat it in the form of fresh juice.

Nutritional value of beet juice

Beet juice contains glutamine and antioxidants that protect the body's cells and increase immunity.
It also contains nitrates that have a great role in relaxing and expanding blood vessels.

In addition to these substances, beet juice is rich in:

Benefits of beet juice

Treatment of anemia

Red beet juice helps in the treatment of anemia because it is very rich in iron.
Consistency in consumption helps in the renewal and activation of red blood cells hemoglobin, which improves the movement of oxygen in the body.
It also contains nitrates to promote blood circulation and improve blood flow.


Beet juice dissolves abnormal calcium and fat deposits that cause hardening of the arteries thanks to the batisanin it contains.

Lowers blood pressure

Drinking two cups of beet juice a day is good for people with high blood pressure as a result of the narrowing and narrowing of blood vessels.
It contains nitrates that regulate blood pressure and potassium, which helps in the expansion and expansion of blood vessels.
Thus, it facilitates blood flow in the body and reduces pressure on the heart.

Cancer prevention

Beet juice contains antioxidants such as flavonoids, especially betadine, which are organic compounds of the category of amino acids that give beets that red color.
These compounds have anti-cancer properties, reduce the spread of tumors, and strengthen the immune system, in addition to their immense ability to remove harmful toxins from the body.
So drinking beet juice enhances the prevention of cancers especially the skin, liver, and lung cancer.

Maintaining a healthy liver and enhancing its functions

Beet juice eliminates fat deposits in the liver that occur when there is a lack of proteins.
Betaine in this juice will activate liver cells and help them get rid of all harmful substances in your body.
This will help you get a healthy liver that increases your body energy and boosts your immune system against external attacks.

Detoxification from the body

Detox and hazardous substances are one of the most important characteristics of beet juice.
Not only the liver, but the whole body contains powerful antioxidants such as betaine and methionine that protect the body from toxins and others.
It is very useful in cases of poisoning, jaundice, hepatitis, food poisoning, diarrhea or vomiting.
The pectin in it helps your body to cleanse itself of dangerous minerals, as well as disinfection of alcohol but provided that you stop consumption.

Healthy for pregnant women

Beet juice is very useful for women during pregnancy, where it activates the body and makes the immune system stronger.
It also stabilizes blood glucose as well as regulates blood pressure as many women are prone to high blood pressure or diabetes during their first pregnancy.
So if you are pregnant you should incorporate beet juice into your diet.
It contains folic acid that contributes to the formation of your child's spinal cord.
It is also very useful in preventing fetal deformity problems known as spinal cracking.

Useful for hair

Red beet juice or even its leaves thanks to the nutrients it contains promotes hair growth, protects the scalp and repairs damaged hair.

So use it as a lotion for your hair. Rinse it from the root to the tip of the hair and can be mixed with henna for better results.
In addition to drinking beet juice regularly, it improves the beauty and health of your hair as it improves blood circulation, which contributes to the arrival of nutrients to the hair.

Pure & bright skin

This drink helps to get pure and bright skin as it is rich in vitamin C, which is very useful for human skin.
It also promotes blood circulation, which improves the beauty of the skin in addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, which eliminates acne and pimples.

Weight Loss and Dieting

Beet juice is also used in weight loss and dieting as it is full of minerals and vitamins that dissolve fat.
In addition to betaine antioxidant that prevents the oxidation of cholesterol and deposition of fat on the walls of the arteries.

So you should drink beet juice two or three times a day, in the morning on an empty stomach and 20 minutes before the main meals.

When exercising this diet while avoiding fatty meat, junk food, and very salty dishes and replacing them with vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meat.
But the duration of the beetroot diet should not exceed one week because its role involves cleaning the body of toxins and melting accumulated fat.

Strengthen bones and muscles

Drinking beet juice is recommended for those at an early age or in old age that contains mineral silica that helps repair calcium in bones and teeth.
It also improves and enhances the prevention of bone health problems.

Research has also shown that drinking this juice regularly increases muscle tone.
Athletes who introduced the drink into their diet saw an increase in their athletic performance.

Treatment of constipation and digestive problems

Beets are known to be excellent for treating digestive problems as they contain betaine that aids in digestion.
  • It also cleans the liver and gallbladder and improves the production of enzymes.
  • It also contains cellulose that promotes bowel movement and accelerates metabolism.
  • It is also a powerful natural remedy for constipation as it is very rich in soluble fiber.
Also drinking it regularly helps relieve chronic constipation.

Treatment of gastric ulcers

Beetroot juice contains alkenes and is an antioxidant that reduces the acidity in the infectious so it is recommended to brew 20 minutes before meals.
Drinking it with honey two to three times a week on an empty stomach can also help speed up the healing process.

Other benefits of beet juice

Anti-inflammatory: Anthocyanin is a powerful antioxidant found in beets and is a good inflammatory drug. It also relieves pain in the case of arthritis.

Prevention of varicose veins: As mentioned above, beet juice helps in maintaining the health of the arteries and thus protects the varicose veins.

PROTECTION FROM EARLY AGING: Beets are one of the vegetables that we have repeatedly talked about the strength of the antioxidants they contain. These substances protect our cells from damage and resist aging, especially skin wrinkles.

Prevention and treatment of gout.

How to consume beet juice

  • Beet juice should be prepared in advance and kept fresh for a few hours.
  • Drink beet juice two or three times a day to benefit from it.
  • To fully enjoy the benefits of beet juice, add kiwi or bananas.
  • Beet juice is very strong and can not be palatable the first time. Therefore it is recommended to drink small amounts only until the body gets used to it. Then you will be able to drink larger amounts.
  • Some people may be sensitive to beet juice, so in case of doubt or health problems, always consult your doctor.
  • It is forbidden to drink it on people with cystitis, kidney stones or diabetes.

How to make beet juice

  • Start by cleaning the beets and washing them thoroughly to remove dirt.
  • Remove the leaves and root tip with a knife.
  • Remove the rind with a knife or leave it but this will make the juice more bitter.
  • Cut beets into cubes.
  • Put all the beet pieces in the blender and add a glass of water, also can squeeze a little lemon over it.
  • Squeeze the ingredients in a blender in medium strength and add water until you get a liquid mixture.
  • add sugar to sweeten or add honey for maximum benefit.
You can prepare beet juice only based on this recipe, or you can also add some other fruits and vegetables such as apples, carrots, and bananas to get a more nutritious and useful juice.