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foods you should eat Breastfeeding Women

foods you should eat Breastfeeding Women

by Simo life on November 02, 2019
Breastfeeding is one of the most important stages of your life for you and your baby.Therefore, it is very important at this stage to be careful about the proper nutrition for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Women / healthy foods
You should be aware from the beginning that your body is a milk factory for your child and not a store for it, and in the process of making it needs to consume a lot of calories, as well as your body's loss of many minerals and nutrients, which you have to compensate, so it is necessary to make sure to eat daily meals Healthy to take into account your daily needs, so that milk is available for your baby and take care of your food in terms of type and quantity.

Useful foods during lactation

you'll learn more about the types of foods you should increase during lactation:

*Nigella sativa: is an excellent source of calcium, as it works to increase the secretion of breast milk, can be added to some foods during the period of lactation. * Dill: Among the many benefits, it is a stimulant to the mother's milk, and can be included in many recipes cooking, or that you eat fresh with authorities, and contains the same dill active volatile oils that stimulate the production of milk during the period of lactation.

Breastfeeding increases your needs for calories and some vitamins and minerals, and spinach is a good source of iron and calcium and vitamin K and A and folic acid, it is necessary to be careful to eat it, it is also a leafy plants that contain phytoestrogen Which helps to improve the health of the breast tissue and also the process of feeding.

a useful food during the period of lactation, and can be prepared with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice, and is an ideal meal, because it contains a lot of proteins.

one of the excellent sources of essential fatty acids and omega-3, where healthy fats increase the supply of breast milk, as it provides you with the essential nutrition needed during that period.

*Carrot: Contains veto estrogen, as well as rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A, both need, so make sure to eat a cup of carrot juice daily before lunch to enhance the production of milk and quality to give you additional energy.

Also make sure to eat meat as sources of low-fat meat proteins, such as chicken and fish, and as we also mentioned that the fish contain omega-3, it is possible to eat fish twice a week.

Other dietary tips

* Be careful to drink water, because it helps in the generation of milk, and to compensate for the loss of your body fluids, you will need about 2.5 liters per day.

* Reduce as much as possible hot foods caffeine drinks coffee, because breast milk derives its taste from the taste of food and drinks you eat. * Try to repeat meals during the day up to five meals a day, such as three main meals and two snacks between meals, this will help you a lot to breastfeed.

* Be careful to avoid the types of foods that cause colic, gas, and flatulence, as it will also cause it to your baby