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Herbal remedies for all diseases

Herbal remedies for all diseases

by Simo life Novembre 03, 2019
It is not a substitute for natural herbs and plants in the treatment and expected a lot to replace plants with chemicals is not true despite the development in pharmacology, but new diseases have emerged and chronic science did not find a chemotherapy until now and certainly have a cure in nature, God revealed disease but sent him a cure Peace be upon him.

Herbs and alternative medicine are a cure for many diseases

Herbal medicines

Herbal remedies include the use of plants or parts of them for healing purposes. Herbs contain a number of natural substances that work similarly to many pharmaceuticals, and herbal experts believe that plants should be used in their full natural form for the best Herbs have a great ability to treat diseases without side effects such as those caused by medications, but you should consult your doctor before using medical treatments. We will explain in this article about herbal remedies.

Examples of herbs used for treatment

Herbs that grow naturally in the garden are better than the ones you buy from stores because they are more exposed to light and heat. Here are some examples of the most growing herbs and their benefits:

* Amaranth: An antifungal plant that cleanses and helps heal wounds and contains flowers in yellow and orange, and has soothing properties of the skin used in many natural cosmetics.

* Coriander: a plant with a unique flavor used in Mexican and Thai food and used in the manufacture of Indian curry, facilitate the digestion of the stomach and remove heavy metals and toxic agents from the body, and grow in cold wet areas.

* Lemon Balm: a fragrant plant with green leaves containing oils that have antispasmodic effects of the stomach and nervous system and fight viruses, which is delicious and used in the preparation of tea, may grow in the home garden. Peppermint: Used in toothpaste and chewing gum and has refreshing properties and helps to remove digestive disorders such as; indigestion, vomiting, and calming muscles.

* Rosemary: This plant stimulates energy and optimism and increases the health of memory and concentration. Bovine or bear ears: Helps calm and treat bronchial respiratory tract infections and relieve cough.

* Thyme: thyme It contains large energy and prevents nightmares, and has antibacterial and antiseptic properties to prevent colds and flu. Lavender: It is an antidepressant aromatic plant. Lavender oil can be added to the bathroom to relieve stress and insomnia. It is used in creams to treat sunburn and acne.

* Chamomile: a plant of green color and fragrant smell contains small yellow flowers in color and is used to treat colic and nervous tension and inflammation and stomach disorders in children.

Things to consider

In some cases, herbal preparations are not completely safe because they contain unknown ingredients like any other medicine. Therefore, you should pay attention to any changes and tell your doctor, and the conditions to be told are as follows:
  • * Over-the-counter herbs such as herbal supplements, vitamins, and medications.
  • * Any allergic symptoms you have.
  • * If you are pregnant.
  • * If you take other medicines, herbal medicines may interact with other medicines.