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What You Did Not Know About Spirulina

What You Did Not Know About Spirulina 

by Simo life November 21, 2019
Spirulina moss has two contradictions. One says it is a cure for many diseases. It is the future food to eliminate the global food shortage crisis. The other claims that it is an important food supplement that has great benefits but is not a solution for all problems.

it is a successful treatment for all diseases, or even most of them without Any complications associated with eating spirulina, or even the closure of all clinics and hospitals that no longer have any justification for its existence after the discovery of this miracle food.


We will address these contradictions in our research lesson and scrutiny and we will be neutral in the research because we will leave you the decision as a miracle food or not.

and we will start to identify algae of Spirulina and what is it's chemical composition and what are its benefits and benign effects of disease treatment and prevention then we provide some recommendations and advice and then how to take it. Then the damage and side effects that may arise from taking it… Come on time for grandpa.

What is Spirulina Moss?

Spirulina is a dark blue-green moss, one of the first plants found on Earth since the beginning of creation, several hundred million years ago, only two edible algae, while there are about twenty-four thousand species.

It contains a large group of important nutrients up to a hundred nutrients so it is one of the richest food supplements in the world, known as miracle food (Superfood) and marketed as food made for medical miracles.

it is a cure for all diseases and incurable illnesses, and magic food coming to address the food crisis The World Food Summit, convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Rome, issued the following concluding statement, which considered Spirulina moss as an excellent source of proteins.

(Spirulina algae, which has existed for centuries, is an edible algae that, if all the right conditions are met, grows rapidly and is an excellent source of protein and vitamins. Spirulina is a traditional food in some countries but has gained wide fame in others, as a new healthy food.

helps It is in line with the UN Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty and eradicating hunger, encouraging producers to promote it as a miracle food.

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Synthesis of spirulina moss

The chemical analysis proved that spirulina alga contains:

Analyzes showed that it contains a huge amount of various vitamins such as (A - E - D) and contains all the vitamins (B complex) Vtaml of vitamin (B12), for example, four times the amount of beef liver.

and there is a substance The most effective substances in the disruption of free oxygen electrolytes that lead to cell damage and thus cancer, and this substance is compound beta-carotene and contains an amount of three times the amount of vitamin E contained in the rest of vegetables.

2 - Mineral salts
Spirulina contains a large amount of mineral salts, including sodium (Na), calcium (CA), potassium (K), zinc (Zn), chromium (Cr), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), which is fifty times higher than the amount found in spinach and magnesium. (Mg), manganese (MN) and selenium (Si).

3 - amino acids
Spirulina algae contain all eight amino acids from which chemical chains are synthesized, such as deoxyribonucleic acid (RNA), which plays the role of the main code in the way and composition of the body (ie DNA chains).

the proportion of these amino acids or proteins between 65% 71%, which is 20 times higher than soybeans and 15 times higher than meat and fish.

4 - Pigments

It contains beta-carotene 9-cis, zeaxanthin, chkorophyll, total carotenoidse, superoxide dismutase, and Phycocyakin, which is four times more than spinach and spinach. Carrots from it five times.

5 - Enzymes
Spirulina has more than 2,000 types of enzymes necessary for metabolism and body building, including many enzymes that are not produced by the body and form complex chains of amino acids that accelerate digestion.

The benefits of spirulina moss

It was obtained from swamps and water where it grows abundantly but on unhealthy and clean conditions and is now produced in aquariums and places that meet the proper sanitary conditions.

Since it contains all those nutrients that we have seen, we must talk about its many benefits in some detail to know Why is it called super food? Research centers in India, China and the United States have studied the effect of algae on diseases, especially spirulina algae, and their ability to improve the functioning of the various organs of the body, were hundreds of scientific studies and research in this regard.

1. The effect of spirulina algae on HIV / AIDS

The natural chemicals found in this dark blue-green algae have had a great effect in the resistance of viruses as the substances in the spirulina moss, Polysaccharides and Phyccoyanin adhere to the cells and prevent the adhesion of viruses and limit their spread, thus preventing The spread of the disease.

2 - Effect of spirulina moss on cancer cells in the patient 's body

Studies and researches have been conducted on some cancers, where it was found that the origin of these cancers is caused by an imbalance that affects the genetic chain (DNA chains), which is a program of cell division and therefore this imbalance leads to the loss of that program which leads to cells to random division, and thus infection With cancer,

It also shows the ability of natural chemicals found in spirulina moss such as Endonucliase, an enzyme that repairs that disruption of the genetic chain (DNA chains), thereby maintaining cell viability and health,

Scientists and researchers also found that when there are cases of radiation contamination, this pollution and toxins disrupt the production of this enzyme, and thus increase the risk of cancer, so the presence of these rare enzymes in spirulina.

and these enzymes are enzyme Phycocyanin and Polysaccharides function to improve the activity of enzymes cell nuclei, which leads to the repair of the imbalance that affects the genetic sequences (DNA) and the researchers have reached remarkable results in the elimination of some types of cancer.

3. Effect of spirulina algae on leukemia

When the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explosion occurred in the former Soviet Union, doctors revealed the effect of spirulina in the treatment of children Chernobyl, who developed leukemia as a result of pollution, where the rate of radioactivity in the urine decreased to 50% after giving these children a dose of 5g of powder This moss.

in just three weeks, because the substance (Phyvocyyanin) directly affects the stem cells in the bone marrow, which rebuilds blood cells and activates the red and red cells. This enzyme is similar to the hormone produced by the healthy kidneys and reorganize the production of baskets cells Yeh.

4 - The effect of spirulina moss on improving the body 's immune system

As for the immune system and its impact on the components of spirulina algae, the results of studies conducted by scientists and researchers has led to the fact that this moss contains chlorophil (Chlorophil) and beta-carotene (Beta cartene) and phycocyanin (Phycocyanin (Phycocyanin) boosts immune activity Significantly.

it increases the production of young cells and defensive cells and increases the production of antibodies, which increases protection against germs and viruses.

5 - Effect of spirulina moss on lowering blood cholesterol

In one Japanese study of 30 people with elevated cholesterol and blood pressure, it was found that cholesterol levels dropped from 244 to 233 after giving them a dose of 4.2g per day for four weeks, because of the presence of fatty amino acid helps reduce cholesterol levels in Blood and simultaneously lowers high blood pressure.

6 - Effect of spirulina moss on kidneys and liver

Chlorophil in this moss enhances the body's ability to clean the liver and kidneys from the negative effects of metal or drug poisoning and restores serum creatine to its original levels in the body.

7 - Effect of Spirulina Moss for Weight Loss and Slimming

Taking spirulina tablets at least half an hour before food can lead to a sense of satiety, thereby reducing the amount of food the person eats and ultimately losing weight and maintaining a healthy, obese body that is a major cause of many serious diseases.

8 - The effect of spirulina moss on pregnant women and children of all ages and the elderly

Pregnant women need a lot of concentrated nutrients that contain nutrients beneficial to the health of the mother during pregnancy and at the same time help the development of the fetus well and healthy.

and here comes the role of spirulina moss to compensate the nutrients lost during pregnancy with its various and useful elements that lead to compensate The lack of these substances, including vitamin B complex and minerals in the moss such as calcium CA and Fe Fe and magnesium Mg.

 while children of all ages need those substances mentioned for healthy and balanced growth and the elderly need to Arrutin is an antioxidant and has a great effect on preventing osteoporosis.

It contains more nutrients than many bees in bee pollen, such as arginine, zinc, Zn, and vitamin B6. Those who took this recipe were then able to have children if their reproductive capacity was weak.

Recommendations about spirulina moss
Moss should be stored away from heat, moisture, and pollution. Food-free.

Method of using spirulina moss

It's NASA's astronaut food because it has a very high nutritional value, and the way it should be taken gradually should the stomach become accustomed to being a high-value dietary supplement.

We forgot breakfast because we didn't feel hungry, as a result of eating moss tablets, which are available in the market in the form of 250mg grain and also in the form of powder.

Appropriate dosage of tablets

  • Pregnant women take three tablets four times a day.
  • Breastfeeding mothers should take three tablets three times a day.
  • Children between the ages of three and six take four tablets a day.
  • From the age of six to twelve they take six tablets a day.
  • Older people over 60 years of age should take three tablets three times a day.
  • Athletes take four tablets four times a day.

Powder dosage

If taken in powder form, this should be done in the following manner:

  • *Dissolve the dose to be ingested in boiling water.
  • *Let it cool for a while after it has fermented.
  • *Then we eat it on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefit from this solution.

Does it have side effects and damage to the body or one of its members?
This is a question that raises itself after all those benefits of spirulina, and the answer is yes. It has a lot of damage like it has a lot of benefits:

side effects

The high concentration of microcystins leads to an imbalance in the patient's genetic system. Leads to vitiligo, psoriasis, anemia and diabetes.

Explain their occurrence
These symptoms often result from the high concentration of heavy metals found in the moss such as mercury Ag and lead Pp and cadmium Ki, and since these algae are often found in ponds and lakes, contaminated water, which produces highly toxic substances lead to motor neuron symptoms of severe muscle spasm and muscle atrophy and tumble Speech and weight loss can also cause bacterial trauma.

After all the damage that can be caused by eating spirulina moss Is it possible to name it as a future food and food miracle Super food? It is also promoted by the owners of the plants producing it.

and those who are affected by being a complete food supplement and a magical treatment for most of the intractable diseases were or not, ie owners of hospitals, doctors and owners of pharmaceutical plants that will be closed if this is true, and therefore they fight this moss of Spirulina and put in it Defects and damage that result from taking it.

As we consumers, we must be a bit of prudence and do not take things as it is, we consider that this moss is a high-value food supplement Yes, but it is not a magic cure for all diseases, we are not dragged behind the deceptive ads to us in both directions, the good things in the middle